Medical Facilities & Specialty Centers

The Delgado Assisted Fertility Center (DAFC) is a safe haven for couples with fertility concerns.

DAFC provides affordable packages for services such as fertility consultations, testing, and treatment procedures like intrauterine insemination (IUI). Our committed team of fertility specialists and medical technologists assures you of utmost comfort and privacy for during checkups and treatment.

Hope awaits our yearning couples as they no longer need to consider their situation as bleak and disheartening, anymore.

For your inquiries on assisted fertility, contact us at 8924-4051 to 65 ext. 407.


Our highly-trained Emergency Room personnel is well-equipped to handle a variety of injuries or illnesses to adult and pediatric patients alike. The facility is also “new normal ready” to ensure your safety and peace of mind. We have alloted separate isolation rooms for both suspected Covid and normal patients. For emergencies, contact our ER Department at 0919-081-9693 (look for Ms. Annie) and 8924-4051 to 65 ext. 430.





The Radiology Department provides an array of diagnostic services featuring x-ray and general ultrasound technologies, as well as ultrasound-guided invasive treatments. All procedures are performed and supervised by competent radiologists and radiologic technologists.
X-ray tests involve a part of the body being exposed to a small dose of radiation in order to produce clear pictures of the internal organs.

Meanwhile, diagnostic ultrasound services consist of painless and non-invasive scanning of the inside of the body. Some of the commonly requested general ultrasound procedures include: ultrasound of the whole abdomen; upper abdomen; kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder (KUB); thyroid; breast; and prostate.

The Department also offers cardiovascular diagnostic services such as 2D echocardiogram (2D echo), doppler ultrasound, and peripheral vascular ultrasound.

Moreover, our Interventional Radiologists perform ultrasound-guided procedures to treat various conditions. Among these procedures are:
• Breast biopsy
• Thyroid biopsy
• Liver biopsy
• Pigtail
• Needle localization of the breasts
• Ascites
• Paracentesis
• Musculoskeletal (MSK)

To schedule a procedure, contact our Radiology Dept. at 8924-4051 to 65 ext. 497.

Service Hours:
X-ray – Daily, 24 hours
General Ultrasound – Monday to Friday, 8AM-5PM